211 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA 6162 | Email: hello@percyflint.com.au | Ph: (08) 9430 8976

Boozery & Eatery

Boozery & Eatery

Looking for a good night out? Percy has you covered!

With a great range of beer, wine and spirits plus a mouth watering menu, you're guaranteed

to be pals with Percy.


Welcome to Percy's...

Percy Flint is small local bar with a focus on turning out good grub, great cocktails and the

very best in wine and craft beer.

Above all it is a place that South Freo locals and South Freo lovers can make their own; a
meeting place where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, well fed and watered.
In summer it’s all about soaking up the sun in the beer garden. But in winter the Chesterfields are where you want to be.

Oh yeah, and Percy Flint is the bloke who used to own the place in the 1930’s.



Percy has the perfect space for you!